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In-House Production

Japanese Made Juki, Brother and Yamato UBT Machines with specialized ancillary machines supported with finishing the embroidery.

In-House Laboratory

Equipped with the latest model equipment for Testing shrinkage, colorfastness, color matching, etc.

CAD/ CAM & Pattern Grading

We have an advanced system (Tukatech make) for Pattern making and Grading and preparing markers, to ensure maximum precision and minimum wastage.

Merchandising Division

Managed by qualified technically experienced staff, supported by professional Textile Technologists for Sourcing the Fabric/Accessories.


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Garment Manufacturer & Supplier

Jersey Nation is one of the UK’s leading clothing manufacturers, producing

custom garments for start-up clothing brands at the lowest MOQ.


In-House Production & Lab.

Jersey Nation Ltd is one of the UK’s leading clothing manufacturers, producing high quality garments for startups and small fashion brands at the lowest minimum order quantity in the industry.

Manufacturing Capability

Our manufacturing capability is vast; below we have included a small showcase of clothing which we can produce for your brand. All items are created to your specifications, including those for fabric or raw materials, sizing and finishing options. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss your designs.

In clothing design, a “pattern” refers to a set of dimensions which is used to construct a garment. A trained pattern cutter draws a paper template, referred to as the master pattern, which is kept on record. The master pattern is laid onto fabric before the individual panels are cut out and assembled. The pattern determines whether an item will be slim fit, regular fit, etc. Our technical team is well versed in creating bespoke patterns for a slim fit, regular fit, oversized and drop shoulder.